Frenzelit GmbH provides safe and gas tight connections for pipes and flue duct systems through absorption of multi-dimensional movements. Features and Advantages of our modern Fabric EJs cover

  • Highest Flexibility
  • Easy to Install
  • Allows maximum Tolerances
  • Smaller Shipping Size & Weight ( for Fabrics and Insulations Only)
  • Multilayer make up from different fabrics will cover temperatures up to 1000 Deg C
  • Specific and customized design will cover wide varity of dimensions, also conical or even different shapes of ducting at both flanges ( Circular and rectangular etc…)


A wide range of products cover applications for implementation of:


  • Metallic & Non Metallic expansion Joints
  • Rubber Pipe Joints
  • Single and Multilayer Expansion Joints
  • Belt & Flange type Expansion Joints
  • Insulation Pillows

Frenzelit also manufacture gaskets, Insulations, Technical Textile, New Materials. These materials are used at various static and dynamic applications of plant. The major sectors covered by Frenzelit solutions include

  • Automotive
  • Electrical Appliance Industry
  • Energy Industry
  • Heating & Air-Conditioning
  • Machine Manufacturing & Plant Engineering
  • Medical Engineering
  • Process Industry
  • Safety Engineering
  • Shipbuilding
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