UE Systems

UE Systems Inc. has produced thousands of economically designed portable and incredibly accurate airborn/ structure born ultrasonic instruments. Used primarily for leak detection, mechanical analysis and Electrical inspections. These instruments have saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars in premature failure detection, elimination of downtime, increased productivity and overall replacement costs.

Ultraprobe Series

UE Systems has been recognized as the worldwide leader in the technology of airborne Ultrasounds. Allow us to support your productive maintenance program with the tools, techniques, training, and resources you require to satisfy all of your plant maintenance goals.

UE Systems provides a verity of Ultraprobes used for acoustic Emission testing e.g

  • Ultra-probe 100 SC
  • Ultra-probe 201 ( Caddy Grease Gun)
  • Ultra-probe 2000
  • Ultra-probe 3000
  • Approbate 9000
  • Ultra-probe 10000
  • Ultra-probe 15000
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