OVATION Distributed Control System (DCS)


Ovation™ distributed control system (DCS) forms a reliable and innovative platform that evolves with rapidly changing technology to help improve plant reliability.

In addition to native, advanced applications for optimizing plant operations, Ovation supports integrated vibration monitoring, generator excitation control, SIS, scalable footprints for small or distributed applications, virtualization and embedded simulation.


OVATION DCS Applications

·        Advance Power Applications

·        Advance Water Applications

·        Hydro Power Plant Control Solution

·        Power & Water Cyber Security Solutions

·        Enterprise Data Solutions

·        Better Energy Management System

·        Power Plant Simulators

·        Gas Turbine Control Solution

·        Steam Turbine Control Solution

·        Turbine Mechanical Solution

·        Wind Turbine Control Solution

·        Generator Exciter Control Solution

·        Renewable Energy Control Solution

·        Solar Plant SCADA System

·        Microgrid Controls

·        Plant Prognostics

·        Remote Operations

·        Integrated Vibration Monitoring