Operate safely, consistently and economically

MIBA Lifecycle Services provides customers with the expertise, technology and processes that can help you operate safely, improve asset reliability and optimize process capabilities. Our maintenance services keep your plant operating safely, consistently and economically.  Improve your asset reliability and preserve your investment by utilizing our reliability services and optimize your plant performance to achieve your business goals.


1.      Maintenance Services

1.1.   Technical Support

1.2.   Emergency Onsite Services

1.3.   Scheduled Onsite Services


2.      Reliability Services

2.1.   Shutdowns, Turnarounds & Outages

2.2.   Startup & Commissioning

2.3.   Site Evaluation & Walk Down


3.      Performance Services

3.1.   Asset Performance

3.2.   Improvement & Optimization

3.3.   Operator Performance Solutions

3.4.   Service Support Agreements