MIBA to Supply Remote Visual Inspection Solution to Mari Petroleum Limited

Mari Petroleum Limited being one of major Oil & Gas organization in Pakistan is in process of development of their in house Inspection resources. In this process for last couple of years, the engineers of Mari were in search of a reliable solution that can meet the technical requirements and inspection results can help the inspector to conclude the surface health of hidden parts of machinery.


IPLEX G-Lite is legacy solution of Evident world famous IPLEX series of Videoscopes. The scope has been introduced to customers and after passing through a competitive bidding process. MARI Petroleum has awarded a purchase order to M/S Evident Scientific Solution, Singapore through MIBA. MIBA being Authorised Distributor of M/S Evident is providing support and services domestically and will facilitate client with training on the product and will help to complete and close the project in timely manner.